The next time you go out in public, take a look at how many women and teenage girls are being used by their weakling boyfriends.  Let me preface this by saying I don’t expect women to be treated like princesses, incapable of taking care of themselves.  On the contrary, I find strong women to be both attractive and inspirational.  As much as I hold strong, accomplished women in high regard, I am equally disgusted with “men” who take advantage of such women.  In turn, I am disappointed by a capable woman who allows a parasite to latch onto her and use her for a free ride through life.

When you’re driving around town, take note of the women who are driving while their male companion sits next to her, passenger seat leaned back so he can stretch out and really relax.  He enjoys the ride while his chauffer takes him to return the Red Box movie she rented for him the previous night.  Bet your paycheck he doesn’t have a valid driver’s license, and bet your life he doesn’t own a car.  Instead, he is content to ride around like a helpless child, and he does so without shame.

Once you’ve driven to a restaurant or  movie theater, prepare to be even more disgusted.  You’ll see women paying for dinner while their loser boyfriend gobbles down a free meal, probably chewing his food with his mouth open.  You’ll see well-dressed women, right after a hard day at work, buying movie tickets while their worthless boyfriend struggles to hold his baggy pants up.  Rest assured, he didn’t spend his day at work.  More likely, he rolled out of bed around noon and spent the day smoking weed and playing video games, all while his girlfriend was working hard to earn a paycheck.

As pathetic as a male is who does not have a job to support himself, it’s even more troubling that he can actually find a woman willing to take care of him.  In a strong culture, women would view such a male as being undesirable, if not outright disgusting.  A male who is not strong enough and honorable enough to provide for himself, and if necessary, his family, should be ostracized by society.  If such a failure of manhood were to pursue a woman romantically, she would laugh at him and cause him enough embarrassment to be motivated to change.  Being incapable of attracting a mate would convey a powerful message to a young man.

Instead, we live in a culture of weakness.  Being a failure, a worthless waste of skin and an oxygen thief, is accepted.  Even worse, it is rewarded.  Not only can a lazy bum attract a woman to mate with him, he can simultaneously obtain a free ride through life.  When the stigma of being a loser is removed, and being a leach is rewarded, the only result can be the proliferation of more losers and leaches in society.  The cycle of a culture breeding and conditioning more worthless inhabitants only accelerates the descent into the abyss of weakness.