The little Bob Costas is at it again, abusing the platform granted to him for sports reporting to preach his opinions on social issues.  Viewers who either have no knowledge of current events beyond entertainment, or who watch sports as a temporary reprieve from the culture’s pervasive political battles, are attacked by Costas in a cowardly ambush.  Rather than appearing on a political show to share his observations of these issues, he makes unexpected statements of his personal opinions to sports fans in an environment where there is no opportunity for debate or fact-checking.  This is a gutless abuse of the microphone given to him for sports reporting.

Last winter, Little Bob Costas abused the stage granted to him by preaching against the American right to bear arms (NBC Article).  He used an off-field incident involving a football player as an excuse to rant against the “gun culture”.  Now he is back at it again, complaining about the Washington Redskins’ name and logo (Variety Article).  Little Bob Costas does not like the name and logo, and has elected himself to be the champion of every Native American offended by the team mascot.  Apparently, he views himself as being the arbiter of what is right and wrong based on his ability to interview athletes.  He must think of himself as brave for sticking up for the little man.

I won’t go into my views of the issues Little Bob Costas spouts off about.  He can have whatever views he wants on whatever issues he believes are important.  However, using the platform he has for sports reporting to spout off his political views is weak and cowardly.  This is the exact same thing as a singer or actor abusing the stage given to him or her to crow about political events.  Just like actors and singers, Little Bob Costas did not obtain a stage and microphone based on his accomplishments in the arena of politics, and has no special background to give his opinions of social issues extra weight.  If he had some sort of credentials to back up his opinions, the producers of political talk shows would be beating down his door to get him booked.  If they are, he is too cowardly to appear in a venue where his views would be challenged.

The guy who picks up your trash or the lady who rings up your order at the grocery store have just as much credibility and authority to preach about politics to you.  If the garbage collector painted your trash cans with his political party’s logo, or if the cashier slipped a political pamphlet in your grocery bags, they would be fired for abusing their position.  Little Bob Costas does the exact same thing by using his sports microphone to preach about political and social issues.

Little Bob Costas obviously fancies himself as some sort of noble warrior wielding words to fight injustice in society.  He must view himself as the champion of The Little Man, but in reality, he is just a big mouth for A Little Man.